Must Have Travel Gadget – Functional Mount For Smartphone

Do you consider yourself to be an avid smartphone photographer? Then you might think of getting Shoulder-pod Professional Smartphone Rig. This multifunctional gadget can be used as a tripod mount, a filmmaker grip but also a traveler stand. This would probably become your ultimate tool for serious photography. The rig is compatible with virtually any smartphone. Can’t believe it? Well, that’s true. Just make sure that it is between 48 mm and 93 mm.

And also due to the pressure screw it will securely hold your device in place. This will also allow to make your photos and videos more stable. The multifunctional device will ensure your photos and videos look more professional. By the way, it would also perfectly suit sportsmen and travelers. If you’re still placing your mobile phone in your pocket or loose in your purse, you truly must look at using a mobile phone holder.