Must-Have Smart Outdoor Gadget – Bluetooth Speaker Selfie

With the development of digital technologies taking photos became extremely easy and convenient.  Photography has never been so popular, and images became one of the ways of communication nowadays. We share our photos in various ways: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and what not? With camera phones in hand we intend to take photos nearly of everything for various reasons: food, beautiful buildings, flowers, sunset, even documents, letters, screenshots to remember important information, and of course ourselves, ourselves with friends, kids and family.

This might be the reason why selfies became so popular and with the invention of selfie stick they became common and essential part of our lives. And what is surprising that even such simple devices like selfie sticks are becoming “smart”.

In this review we would like to introduce Icoox Multi-function Smart Outdoor Gadget – Bluetooth Speaker Built-in Power Bank Selfie Stick, must have during travel.

Multi-function Outdoor Selfie Stick

This all in one patented outdoor gadget combines a selfie stick, a Bluetooth speaker, a power bank and a torch!  And these gadgets are not just a need, they are already a must.

It is always great to have a selfie stick in hand anywhere we go, so portability is very important as well as enough length to enjoy as much of the panoramic view in the photos.

wireless Bluetooth speaker

The Icoox functions combined wireless selfie stick has a decent length ( up to 74 cm) which allows to take good view selfies, and it is conveniently located inside of the device. The clamp size is adjustable and can be used with different phones.

SelfieThe integrated power bank is 4500 mAh. The capacity is not large but enough to charge a smart phone (iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy mobile devices, for example) up to 1.5 times, which is very convenient on-the-go considering the size of the whole gadget.

Built-in Power Bank Smart Outdoor Selfie Stick

The wireless Bluetooth speaker is also very handy at home and outside. Light and portable it can be used in the backyard for a party or at a park picnic, for having a podcast listening sessions or accepting calls while driving. Time of working with maximum volume is up to 12 hours, and up to 6 hours if the phone was charged once. Icoox ST-100 is also a smart outdoor gadget. It can be used as LED flashlight at night or as a camping light with non stop usage time for 24 hours. If the phone was charged the torch still can be used for up to 12 hours.

Flash Light

On top of that this multi functional smart outdoor gadget may serve as a stand holder for your smartphone, or can be hanged on a backpack with a hook.

integrated power bank

No matter if you are an outdoor person doing sports, camping, traveling, or outings with friends; or you prefer quiet time alone, perhaps, with a book, in any case your phone is with you most of the time. But what is about the gadgets? Have you ever had to choose what gadget to take: a power bank, or a selfie stick, or a Bluetooth speaker? Have you ever had to make a choice because you couldn’t  take them all? And wouldn’t it be great to have them all with minimum space occupied? Sure! Icoox Wireless Multi-Function Smart Outdoor 5-in-1 Selfie Speaker is the best solution for traveling and daily life. 

Multi-function Bluetooth Speaker Built-in Power Bank