Pooda D9 Multiple Filtering Household Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping the house clean can be hard and tiring, especially time consuming. Heavy vaccum cleaners only add to the load, with carrying them around the house. However, there are many lightweight, powerful vacuum cleaners that will do the job perfectly. For this review, we have taken a close look at the Pooda D9 Multiple Filtering Household Vacuum Cleaner, that also has a decent price.

Pooda D9 Household Vacuum Cleaner

Pooda D9 Multiple Filtering Household Vacuum Cleaner

First of all, the appearance of this vacuum is one of the first that captures user’s attention. The blue color of this vacuum is stylish and bold, that even sets one in a positive mood. Made out of plastic material, it is quite durable and long lasting.

With a dust box of 0.7 liters, this vacuum cleaner will not need to be often dumped out. This way, one can clean the entire home quickly! Pooda D9 vacuum cleaner is also extremely quiet, having noise less than 71 dB. One of the best features of this vacuum cleaner, is that it is multifunctional. It can be used to clean up floors at home, in an office, carpets, windows, curtains and much more. High speed motor that is built in, can rotate as much as 320000 times in just one minute, which also provides with suction of 12000pa.

Pooda D9 Vacuum Cleaner Floor Cleaning Machine

The super light weight of this vacuum makes it easy to move around and even lift with just one hand to clean the higher located surfaces. For full convenience, it is also extremely easy to change the head, to meet all of your cleaning needs. The head can be changed in just 10 seconds. After the cleaning part is done, the entire vacuum cleaner and dust box can be washed under water and it will still work properly after that. The length of the wire is 4.9 meters, to reach everywhere.

Pooda D9 vacuum cleaner is made to help in quickly and easily keeping the house spotless. It will pick up all of the dust and dirt, and best of all, you will not need to put much effort into it. The price of this vacuum is affordable and we can recommend it.