Multi-Language Full HD 1080P Portable Projector

In the following review we run a test on GP – 70UP Multi-Language Full HD 1080P Home Theater Portable LCD Projector. This is sold for an alluringly affordable price and provided with relatively high quality specs – so let’s explore.

This home gadget is pretty compact (comparable to an iPhone 7+) and lightweight, with simple, monochromatic black design. Just to note, the surface tends to smudge with active use, so that glossy cover would need a wiping upkeep. A remote and charging appliance are also no fancy, but elegantly constructed. The unit has an in-built 4.4.2 Android OS, and comes with some nice additions in home screen like gallery and music player, Google store, YouTube, Kodi player, WPS Office (though not highly recommended to work with by some users who had bad experience), and App Installer.
Significantly, you can even use a built-in browser to broadcast some rare videos from peculiar websites. And for some reason there is even a calculator installed.

GP - 70UP Portable Projector

Multi-Language Full HD 1080P Home Theater
1200Lm Portable LCD Projector

Unluckily, the fan of this projector is too loud, while the speaker isn’t powerful enough, so it’s better to put on Bluetooth headphones or attach an additional Bluetooth speaker. But speaking of visual performance, GP – 70UP Full HD 1080P Mini Portable LCD Projector provides excellent picture quality. You can manage transparency, brightness, and rotate the picture. Video gaming is also transferred well. Overall, colors are bright and saturated – it has compatible resolution of 1920 to 1080 PX. The unit can also work with some text and visual instruments like PowerPoint or Excel, providing you with some illustrative materials in business or educational environment.

In a word, GP 70UP Multi-Language Full HD 1080P Home Theater Portable LCD Projector is an above average quality, lag-free performing projector. This unit is good for personal and family use, the output is decent, but consider amplifying the sound with outer accessories when using it for public occasions.