Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Smartband Waterproof Multi-Functional Fitness Smart Band

Fitness trackers today are becoming even more popular than smartwatches. They aren’t so multi-purpose as smartwatches but they cope very well with activity tracking. Some of these devices only count steps and measure distance and calories, while others have a built-in heart rate monitor. But what if you want the full package for a reasonable price? Then, you should probably check out our next product – H3 Smart Bracelet from the company.

This fitness tracker is like a personal doctor on your wrist – it provides comprehensive health data analysis. H3 measures heart rate and blood oxygen level in real time. This is especially important for fitness lovers. People could suddenly feel bad during training and it’s vital to learn the reason immediately. That’s when H3 bracelet comes in action – with medical accuracy (more than 99%) and high speed, it helps you to detect the problem with your health.

Lenovo Cardio Plus Smartband

Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Smartband

Apart from these health indicators, H3 Smart Bracelet can do the basic stuff: steps counting, distance and calories measuring and sleep tracking. One more crucial feature for fitness fans is that the device is very well protected. It’s waterproof (even while swimming), dust-resistant and shock-proof. So, don’t be afraid of rain, sweat of accidental drops – the bracelet will withstand it all. Of course, H3 Smart Bracelet is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can monitor your health data and activity level in the official app (available for iOS and Android mobile devices).

The smartphone connection allows you never to miss text messages and calls – the bracelet will vibrate every time you get a message or a phone call. Besides, if you lose your smartphone, H3 bracelet can help you find it. Just use the hand ring on the device to make your phone ring to find it instantly.

So, H3 Smart Bracelet is a really intelligent device with amazing functionality. It measures all kinds of indicators and monitors your health data while being seamlessly connected to your smartphone. Always be aware of your activity and health with H3 Smart Bracelet.