Mujjo Premium Leather Back Cover For iPhone XS Max

iPhones are beautiful and stylish smartphones. Therefore, they are meant to be kept in a fascinating and stunning cases. This is what this premium Mujjo iPhone XS Leather Back Cover is. The one we have was made for iPhone XS max and has a card slot on the back. However, Mujjo offers many more of them. You will be able to choose from different colors and styles but also pick the case that fits your iPhone model.
It is worth mentioning that Mujjo uses similar technologies to Apple to create cases, thus they fit the iPhones very well. But, of course, Mujjo adds its own touch to the products which makes them authentic. The case we are featuring is deep blue, but you can, of course, choose from a wide selection.
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The case is of exceptional quality and features great craftsmanship. The Mujjo case is made of high-quality full-grain vegetable leather that looks luxurious and feels nice to touch. Furthermore, the inside of the case is lined with good-looking Japanese microfiber, a soft, but reliable material, that provides protection for your iPhone but also makes sure it is not scratched or damaged.
The product perfectly maintains the shape and form of the iPhone. The leather bezel of the Mujjo Back Cover rises just 1 mm above the edge of the screen (where display meets the gorgeous stainless-steel body of your phone). As a result, it looks great but also provides full protection and does not allow the iPhone to slip out. Actually, it encases the smartphone so good that it takes some effort to take the iPhone out afterwards.
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The volume and power buttons are fully covered with leather and specifically designed and verified for responsiveness. Furthermore, the camera and mute button cut outs allow easier access to them, but they also feature leather chamfers that curve inwards for greater safety. The base of the case features a single cutout that gives easy access to the charging port as well as speaker holes. So, do not worry, the audio quality will not suffer if you use the case.
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So, the Mujjo case covers the back of the iPhone. On the back side, the case that we have, has a small pocket that can accommodate two credit cards and a bit of cash. However, you can always choose the design that you prefer more. The Mujjo also provides a certificate of authenticity. This way, it is certified that the product was tested and is proved to be of exceptional quality.
Mujjo Case for iPhone XS max package
The Mujjo cases, by the way, come in a very luxurious and beautiful packages. They would undoubtedly make a good gift even without a packing paper. The premium Mujjo case looks very great on the smartphone. It definitely adds grippability and style to the iPhone. It provides full protection but does not weight too much and does not make the device too big or bulky. Lined with high-quality signature Mujjo leather it is highly reliable and durable.

Mujjo Full Leather Back Cover for iPhone Xs Max
Genuine Leather with Natural Aging Effect,
2-3 Card Pocket, 1MM Protective Screen Bezel

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