Movement Sport Tracking Smart T-Shirt

A small company Xenoma Team developed a smart T-shirt called E-skin. The T-shirt serves as a fitness device – it tracks all the movements of the user. It’s movement sport tracking Smart T-Shirt. The gadget can be used in a variety of ways: entertainment, medicine, sports, and so on.

Tracking Movement Smart T-Shirt

The new E-skin T-shirt consists of flexible sensors and sensors for stretching of certain body parts and muscles. For tracking the position of the body, the gadget has a special module with an accelerometer and a gyroscope attached to the chest.

Another field of application for this T-shirt is entertainment. Basically, a person wearing E‑skin becomes a controller for games or VR allowing interactions with objects using normal movements. E-skin can help in medicine as well, for example, for maintaining the correct posture. Also, the T-shirt is useful for sports where the accuracy of movements is important, like weightlifting or gymnastics.

E-skin can connect to any device via Bluetooth whether it’s on Windows or Android. Later, E-skin will support macOS and iOS. Another interesting thing – the T-shirt can be washed without any problems. It is like an ordinary T-shirt – thin, light and stretchy.

For the production of E-skin, Xenoma Team is raising money for Kickstarter. The basic version costs $479 and first shipments will start in December.