Best Selling Premium Ultralight Smart Fitness Tracking Ring

Tired of traditional fitness bands that do not make you original anymore? Do you want to try out something completely new and unusual? Then we would recommend the Motiv Smart Fitness Ring which features all the functionalities of the wrist band but is more compact and elegant. The ring has a sleep and Heart Rate Tracker, so you would be able to access the up-to-date information. Moreover, the smart premium sports fitness tracking ring features a waterproof design. It is made of ultralight titanium, so it is durable.

If you put on a lot of rings, then you will need to contemplate the way that it’s going to look alongside your other accessory. The Motiv ring is intended to be worn all day.  Since the Motiv Ring sports and daily health tracking gadget isn’t just supposed to track your fitness, but in addition your general way of life, you should wear it all of the moment. It is probably the most inconspicuous fitness tracker yet. Like other fitness devices, it tracks several aspects of your workout.

Premium Motiv Smart Fitness Tracking Ring

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The ring doesn’t need to sync constantly, and therefore you don’t need to be worried if your phone dies or in case you’d rather visit the gym without your smartphone. The 3-day battery will ensure that you have a 24/7 access to the fitness data such as calories burnt, sleeping cycles, activities, steps and distance through the specially designed app. And all of this is hidden inside a two nickels thin and lightweight device.

The ring is compatible with most modern smartphones including iPhones starting with iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S and Note series. We encourage you to check this before purchase, though. Finally, the device supports two-step verification if you want to use it for more than just activity tracking and keep your personal data secure. The ring provides a 1 year of warranty and you may exchange or receive a refund 45 days after it ships.

Motiv Smart Fitness Tracking Ring