Most Power Draining Android Apps

We often complain that smartphones drain battery too quickly. However, we don’t think that the apps that we always use might be the reason. What’s more, some apps drain battery more than others. In fact, Avast studies the mobile app market quite closely publishing corresponding reports every quarter. Just recently, Avast summed up Q1 of 2017 in its latest report where we can see the most popular and most power draining Android apps.

Avast collected date from more than 3 million Android devices. In terms of popularity, there are no big surprises. Users still prefer social networking apps and messengers. Obviously, Facebook took the first spot, WhatsApp came second and Google Chrome – third. Other notable apps in the top 10 include Instagram, Dropbox, Skype and others.

As for the greediest apps, there are two kinds here – the ones run at start-up and the ones run by users. In both cases, most apps were created by Google or Samsung. For example, the greediest apps on both lists represent Samsung: AllShare and watchON. Other power-draining apps that run at start-up are Samsung’s ChatON and Push Service as well as Google’s TalkBack, Music, Maps, and so on. Users must also be cautious because such popular apps, as Flipboard, Clean Master or Adobe Acrobat Reader, were on the list too.