Most Innovative Car – World’s First Bio-Degradable Car

First Bio-Degradable Car

Using bio-degradable materials for various products isn’t new at all. They aren’t only environmentally friendly – they cut production expenses significantly. These materials are used for making single-use smartphones or other devices, microbots and other stuff. But nobody ever thought about a bio-degradable car. Until now.

Students from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands decided to build an actual vehicle out of these materials. The car is called Lina and it almost completely consists of linen fibre and sugar-based plastic. The only parts of the car that aren’t bio-degradable are the wheels, a few suspension elements and the battery. Other than that, it’s a normal car that weighs only 310kg and has a top speed of 50kmh. The Lina runs on electric engines with 8KW of power which provide the driver with a 100km range.

Interestingly, the strength and durability of the plastic in the Lina is incredible. Of course, it’s not as durable as regular materials used for making cars but the creators plan to improve the Lina. Another advantage of this car is that bio-degradable components can be then re-used for producing other car parts, like bumpers, bonnet or wings.