World’s Most Durable Action Camera on Kickstarter

Are you one that often goes on adventures? If so, then most likely you know what a hassle it can be to carry around a large camera for capturing different photographs and videos. Many invest in different action cameras for this reason. Well the Caply action camera, might be one of the worlds most lasting wearable camera.

It is small and fits into just about any pocket being only 50 grams in weight. With the Caply, you can record up to 5 hours of videos, 24 hours of time lapse, take over 10000 pictures, and last for up to 120 hours in standby. The memory capacity on this action camera is 128 GB, for plenty of space for it all.

Durable Action Camera

One of the great features, is the voice control. One can command the Caply to take a photo, from 10 meters away, therefore hands free! As well as that, for capturing photos and videos, one just needs to control with the touch control. By tapping once, they can take a photo, twice to start recording. Swiping upward will record 10 second clips, and swiping downward will start a time lapse. The Caply also has different application scenarios.

All sorts of different accessories are also available for the Caply. For example, the Flex mount, the cliple for hanging onto items, straple to place around your arm or object, Connector X, Nautilus for making it waterproof and much more.

By downloading the App, one can edit videos and photographs directly on their mobile device. It is also possible to live stream from this action camera. All of this is possible with the 140 degree wide angle 1080 pixel resolution and EIZ stabilization. 500 mAh battery charges quickly as well.

The Caply was presented on the kickstarter platform and is gaining popularity. It you are in need of an action camera, you might want to bring your attention to the Caply.