Stylish Moshi Backpack for Laptops

Our mobile devices have already taken an integral place in our lives. We use them all the time and always carry them with ourselves. That’s why we need a carrying accessory. When choosing a backpack for a laptop, we always take certain things into account, like style, comfort or protective abilities. But what if you want everything at once? There are many pretty and functional backpacks on the market and one of them is surely Venturo from Moshi.

First, let’s talk about the style. PU leather along with high-quality polyester were used for the exterior of this backpack. The result is a sleek look and total waterproofness. The soft interior is quite spacious: there are two special compartments for your laptop and tablet (or smartphone) and additional pockets for your accessories personal items. And the feature that almost every backpack has – exterior net pockets – is also present here, so use it freely for a bottle of water or an umbrella.

Moshi Backpack, front

The back of this pack is covered with Airmesh as well as the carrying strap. So carry it on your back for as long as you like – you won’t get sweaty and the backpack will fit you very well. And due to this comfortable strap you don’t have to take the bag off to access your items – just sling it round your neck. And by the way, Venturo will fit almost every laptop up to 15-inch models, like MacBook Pro Retina.

So, if you’re desperately looking for a bag for your valuable devices, Moshi Venturo Slim Backpack is a must-see and must-consider product. It combines all the features you need in a backpack to form a perfect carrying accessory.

Moshi Backpack for laptops