More Innovations for Batteries in Mobile Devices

The creator of lithium-ion batteries John Goodenough and his team had another idea in this area. A group of scientists under Goodenough’s management developed a solid-state battery where the electrolyte isn’t liquid – it is of course solid.

New batteries are made of glass. In modern lithium-ion batteries liquid electrolyte doesn’t ensure 100% safety. When they are charged too fast, dendrite appear. These are small lithium whiskers which cause short circuit or catching fire. A glass battery won’t catch fire at any charging speed.

Goodenough suggested using alkali metals, like sodium, lithium or potassium, for making the anode. Metals increase energy density in cathode, so no dendrites appear anymore. During an experiment, glass batteries withstood 1200 charging/recharging cycles.

According to Goodenough, such batteries have obvious advantages. Firstly, their capacity is three times bigger than in lithium-ion batteries. Secondly, they are safe. As mentioned, they deal with high temperature quite well. Actually, glass batteries can work at 60°C. Thirdly, they are cheaper to produce.

In any case, the creation of new batteries will definitely eliminate the risk of any accidents with our smartphones and tablets. Good job, Mr. Goodenough!