Moped Electric Bicycle Compact Folding Bike

There are many people who live an active lifestyle in the city and often need a quick, easy and convenient way of transportation. Many of course use regular buses and other forms, but some turn to bicycles. Why bother with the usual bicycles, when the market offers plenty of electric ones? In this review, we are going to observe the DoubleHunter P10 Moped Electric Bicycle Compact Folding Bike.

This Electric Folding Bike is made to be of two color options, black and white, where both are neutral but trendy at the same time. Made out of iron, the DoubleHunter P10 is durable, long lasting, and made to serve for full enjoyment. In size, this bicycle is 90.00 x 70.00 x 10.00 cm with the weight being just 18 kilograms and 500 grams. The front wheel is 12.0 inches in size, and the rear wheel is a tad bit smaller, measuring 10 inches. Wheels are made to be resistant to wear and different conditions, as they are made out of solid and quality rubber.

DoubleHunter P10 Iron Folding Bike

The saddle and handle bar on this Moped Folding Electric Bike are adjustable, making it suitable and comfortable for people of all heights. Maximum load however is 120kg. Another great feature of this electric bicycle, is its ability to fold, making it easy to carry and store. Motor on this bike is 350W, rather powerful, making it possible to reach a riding speed of 25 kilometers per hour, up a 15-degree hill.

4.4Ah battery installed, is one that charges to the fullest in just 2 to 3 hours, for a working distance of 12 to 15 kilometers. This is quite enough, especially for daily city life. The package itself, consists of the electric bike, a box, charger and an English User manual with detailed instructions.

DoubleHunter Folding Electric bicycle is a great item for many different reasons. It is a great form of transportation, or just a fun item for pleasure riding. It is durable, compact and light in weight. Appearance is rather attractive and the motor is powerful. Battery life is sure to not disappoint you. This bike is an overall enjoyable item by many.

Moped Electric Bicycle Compact Folding Bike,
25kg/h max speed + 120kg max load,
Motor rated power 350W, Battery: 4.4Ah, 37V
Battery rated power: 158W

Compact Folding Bike