Monitor Your Heart With Smart T-Shirt

Early diagnostics and disease monitoring are undoubtedly extremely important in medicine. However, there are diseases which can be constantly observed only with complicated equipment. To make this a bit easier, smart gadgets are created and some of them might actually be quite effective. And one of them has just been introduced.

During the All-Russia Youth Science Forum “Step into the Future”, a smart T-shirt was demonstrated and it isn’t just a piece of garment. It is based on the ECG-Shell technology, so it measures the user’s ECG and monitors how cardiovascular system works. The T-shirt is made of current-conductive material and fitted with a special microchip which is responsible for measuring.

The built-in chip can detect the difference of potentials which appears during heart muscle contractions. The information goes straight to the accompanying smartphone app which allows users to control the health data and recommends them to consult a cardiologist if there is some kind of a problem.

The T-shirts will be put in production quite soon. In any case, seeing more gadgets with medical purposes is fantastic. That’s what technology should do – it should serve the humanity and not the other way around.

Monitor How Your Heart Works With T-Shirt