Modular Backpack for Travellers, Features, Price

When choosing a travelling backpack, you always imagine which of your personal items can fit into it. Some of them are good only for gear and clothes, while others are more versatile, packing enough space for multiple things. Among these multi-functional packs there are many, worth looking at, like the one we’ve recently reviewed, the Excursion Rolltop 37. But for the following review we chose an even better product  – R6 Arkiv Field Pack from Mission Workshop.

The R6 Arkiv is actually a backpack that you can create yourself. Mission Workshop offers a special Arkiv System, due to which a user can compose his own modular backpack. You can add more interior pockets or have zippered ones on the exterior. That’s why Mission Workshop doesn’t offer you a ready, configured product, it allows you to demonstrate your creativity in building a perfect pack for you.

First, though, we have to say that there are always common features. Every Arkiv backpack is highly durable and reliable. All materials, used in making the backpack, are wear- and waterproof and all the zippers are YKK and coated with urethane.

Modular Backpack for Travellers

But of course, there’s always something to begin with, a base, a so-called core backpack. It has one small pocket on the front, a large main compartment inside along with a zippered one. The latter is suitable for a laptop but it’s not safe enough. That’s why, when building your backpack, you’ll have to choose a Laptop Case component – that is a built-in, padded sleeve where you can put even 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Additional components may include vertical zippered pockets (your small essentials), the folio (perfect for iPad or books and magazines), the tool pocket (obviously, for tools and other compact belongings), and so on. In conclusion, we have to say that Mission Workshop does a great job with its Arkiv backpacks, including the R6 Arkiv Field Pack. Its modularity and versatility are fantastic. The pack will be a great companion for travelling and other activities as well.