Modobag Suitcase With Wheels – Drive Luggage as a Scooter

Suitcases are our loyal companions during long trips and air travels. Modern suitcases are quite spacious and pretty comfortable due to the wheels on the bottom. In fact, these wheels can be used for more than you can imagine. The engineers from the company Modobag have been working for over a year on a “riding suitcase”.

Modobag Suitcase With Wheels

In one hand movement, this unusual and functional suitcase turns into a scooter, on which you can easily sit and travel. Actually, Modobag can reach the speed of up to 12.8 kmph. Plus, it’s possible to manoeuvre thanks to the built-in steering system. Modobag even provides convenient retractable stands for your legs. The maximum weight of the “driver” shouldn’t exceed 118 kilograms. Plus, Modobag isn’t that big, so it can easily go for hand luggage on a plane.

In addition, the built-in battery is enough to cover a distance of about 10km which is sufficient for travelling through an airport. The suitcase is equipped with two USB ports for recharging it. The same ports can be used for charging smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

This innovative device/suitcase/vehicle has already been financed in Indiegogo, so it comes out in August. That’s why all travelers should be very excited.