Premium Colorful Choice Modern Design 9-Speed Electric Bike

The electric bike is a great thing. It uses a motor to do all of the pedaling. More over, an electric bike is environmentally friendly as it is powered by battery as opposed to petrol or gasoline. If you’re eager to jump on your bike and receive the wheels spinning in a rush, Elby Bike provides you the ideal solution. Elby Smart Bike is a premium quality electric bicycle which will become a good and loyal friend of yours. It has 9 speed modes, which provides you with a wide range of choice on how effective your biking will be.

Thanks to a careful design of functions, the bike can be manually controlled without any delay. Thus, it is safe to use. You can also download a special Elby App and connect it to the bike through Bluetooth. The App will provide you with information about your activities and offer you the safest routes to the destination. Thanks to the built-in lithium battery, the charge lasts up to 90 miles. The bike is equipped with Supernova light, which is visible during the day and night and makes your ride safe and sound. When you use your bike to go places, you won’t just save money, but you may also shed weight. From the other hand, riding electric bikes is a simple and sweat-free.