Mac Alternative Powerful Multitask 2TB Tablet PC with MacOS

In terms of operating systems, tablets have three main kinds: iOS, Android or Windows. The first two are the most popular but Microsoft is doing very well with Surface Pro devices. However, there is a fourth option and it might beat all the other ones – macOS. That’s right, after a successful crowdfunding program on Kickstarter, the company Modbook launched the world’s first macOS tablet called Modbook Pro X.

This tablet is really based on macOS. According to the company’s website, they disassembled the original MacBook Pro and then put it back together having transformed it into a powerful pen tablet.

Modbook Pro X

The functionality exceeds all expectations. A 15.4-inch ForceGlass Retina display with a 2880×1800 resolution and 220 ppi density boasts high quality and image clarity from any viewing angle. What’s more, this luxurious display is protected with scratch-resistant ForceGlass which also makes the surface feel more like paper. This was made for better communication between the screen and the pen. In fact, the pen for Modbook Pro X is very functional – 2 048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity guarantee high responsiveness and precision.

Apart from the pen, there is another way to operate the tablet – a set of keybars on the rear side. 22 keys are placed conveniently, so that your fingers reach them without difficulties.

As for productivity, Modbook Pro X can even be compared with great laptops. An Intel Core i7 processor, Intel Iris Pro 5200 GPU, 16GB or 32GB RAM and 256GB to 2TB HDD storage – all of that gives you enough power and fantastic multi-tasking abilities. Such top-notch software must affect battery time and it does. The battery provides around 9 hours of web browsing which isn’t bad but isn’t good either.

Lastly, Modbook Pro X has many connectivity options. In fact, no tablet comes close to this one in this department. 2 Thunderbolt 2 ports, a USB 3 port, an HDMI port, an SDcard slot and headphone jack – that’s something that you normally see on a laptop or even a PC. So, if you want the power of MacBook in a smaller package, Modbook Pro X is just for you.