Old Style Mobile Phone With Retro Dialer

While big technology companies are busy making digital devices, there are many really peculiar products, made by electronics enthusiasts at home. Sometimes, even a regular room can be a laboratory for ground-breaking inventions and innovations. There are many videos on YouTube where people demonstrate their homemade robots of other gadgets. You can’t really buy these devices but it’s quite interesting and even educational to watch.

One of such recent devices caught our attention – it’s a mobile phone, fitted with a rotary dialer. Modern teenagers, probably, haven’t even seen such “dinosaurs” but older people have to remember these telephones, when you had to rotate the rounded dialer every time to make a call. Nowadays, even home phones are wireless, it’s kind of nostalgic to see a combination of something from the past and something from the present.

This particular device was invented by a guy from the USA. The phone is based on the Adafruit micro-computer. Although it’s not very compact, the device looks pretty cool. The aluminium body is decorated with wood and latten panels. To dial the number, you have to rotate a small disc. The dial has memory for one number, it can call and send text messages. There’s even a small OLED-display with the 96×96 resolution. Among entertainment features there’s only radio but using such device is entertaining in itself.

Hopefully, this interesting invention will bring its creator some success or at least make his life a little more colourful.
Check out the video here: