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Now, technologies made our life much simpler in many spheres. Let’s take medicine, for example. Here, the equipment is getting more advanced, doctors can perform more complicated procedures and patients get better care. Plus, there are many health gadgets available for all regular users. But technologies develop and there are new interesting inventions.

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For instance, the company Artefact Group showed their concept of a new medical device – a self-driving mobile hospital controlled by artificial intelligence. This clinic on wheels is equipped with all kinds of sensors to check people’s health and diagnose possible diseases. Besides, because it’s essentially a vehicle, it has innovative technologies for self-driving cars.

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The mobile hospital can receive health data from various smart gadgets. Additional procedures, like thermography, blood pressure measuring, examination of lungs or heart, can be done in the moving cabin itself. After analysing the data, it can make a final diagnosis, give a prescription, and even make an appointment with a doctor.

Although the use of such an innovative health companion sounds amazing, it won’t appear on the roads very fast. Development, certification and other things may take several years. Still, the idea is fantastic, so let’s hope that it will eventually come true.

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