Cado Air Purifier Small Air Cleaning Gadget

Air quality is one of the most important for every household. We all know that any room must be regularly ventilated because there are a lot of harmful bacteria or dust in bad air. This is especially important for children rooms and small spaces. That’s why a lot of appliances on the market that could help you make your home environment healthier. But if you’re looking for a mobile solution, you have to check an excellent product from Cado, called MP-C20U.


Cado offers the whole line-up of air purifiers but MP-C20U is the most suitable solution for a small room or a car. One of the main features of this product is its futuristic design. Its cylindrical shape and shiny aluminium gloss on the body certainly attract attention and brighten your room. Plus, it’s not very big – you can easily take it in your hand and carry it wherever you want. You can place on a desk at work or a bedside table at your house.

Cado Mobile Air Purifier

It’s also a great choice for a car because the air inside your vehicle isn’t even close to being pure. When you open the window, exhaust fumes, pollen or other substances get inside your car and pollute the air. With MP-C20U, this problem is solved. Just connect it to the cigarette lighter with an included DC adapter, place it in the cupholder and breathe fresh and clean air.

Cado air purifiers use the company’s own Photoclea technology when all harmful chemicals or bacteria are automatically degraded and disposed. Also, the filters don’t just clean air – they clean themselves. This self-cleaning mechanism prolongs the service life of the filters and contributes to consistent performance.

So, Cado Air Purifier Small Air Cleaning Gadget is one of the best options for your house or a car. Depending on your needs, you can choose a necessary product but if you want the mobile purification system, you have to for MP-C20U air purifier.

Cado Air Purifier Small Air Cleaning Gadget

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