How to Choose Right Tech Blog To Post an Article

In this article we’re going to write about our blog, what it is about.
Evidently, there are 3 types of blogs:

    • Personal – blogs with daily updates about what bloggers do, what happens to them, their hobbies, jobs, etc.
    • Wide profile – professional news about all spheres (from politics to travelling)
    • Thematic – only one sphere whether it’s technology, fashion, gaming or celebrity.

Mobile Accessories Blog – what it’s about.

“Reviews and Blog” is a thematic tech blog, where we highlight tech news, digital devices, mobile accessories, gadgets, travel-related products review and so on.
Why did we choose this segment? The answer is easy – we are familiar with this market and we’re very interested in it.
The website has many categories. By the way, in 2017 we will add a lot of sub-categories, so that readers could choose the topic that they are interested in.
And everyday that we do mobile accessories blogging, we do a professional job. We don’t aim to compete with major blogs but one thing is for sure – we will keep informing readers about new digital devices, gadgets and mobile accessories. The main objective is to build relations with many companies and brands as well as find out their needs for appropriate product presentation that would be interesting for readers.

Our writers and reviewers try to write engaging and high-quality content, so that readers would be interested. We don’t prefer very long articles because the content will lose significance. Of course, long article will help search engines in ranking websites by making them unique. Therefore, we try to find the range which would please readers, brands and search engines.

In 2017 we are oriented towards new requests, especially from startups. Our team, who has been in marketing and accessory market research for a long time, is always glad to see something new, write about it in webpage and share this information via social network channels, like Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and so on.

In addition, we’d like to point out that a lot of different bloggers appeared in recent years. Thousands of sites write about everything, they do it well, and probably one day, the amount of blogs and bloggers will be much bigger than the demand for them. To prevent the “collapse”, most news makers are trying to be on the top of search results with “promotional” titles and pictures.
We stay far from shocking headlines and we will try to maintain the right balance.

“Reviews and Blog” at your service.

Mobile Accessories Blog