MIXXTAPE – Retro Music Player that Looks like a Cassette

Kickstarter often features interesting projects. The latest one that caught our attention was Mixxtape – a music player that can please everyone who is nostalgic about the times when audio cassettes were the main source of music. The crowdfunding program is close to the end and the product already raised more than enough.

Mixxtape is made in the shape of a cassette tape but it doesn’t have any film. In general, the device is a regular audio player that supports the many formats, such as FLAC, MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, WAV and Audible. In order to upload files to the device, it must be connected to PC via USB. The files are stored on the microSD card (8 GB card is included). The device can be operated with a small touch-sensitive screen, and the built-in 330 mAh battery provides up to 12 hours of operation.

MIXXTAPE Retro Music Player

Mixxtape supports three audio playback modes. Firstly, it allows users to listen to music by connecting headphones into the 3.5-mm jack. Secondly, it can transmit music via Bluetooth to wireless headphones or a speaker. Thirdly, the gadget can actually be put into the tape recorder to play music. However, in this mode, the user will not be able to control the device using the display.

The fundraising campaign for Mixxtape will end on June 21 and the first shipments are scheduled for November. Right now, the player is available for pre-order for $40.