Mixed Reality Room Created in France

The French studio THEORIZ, specializing in light shows and art installations, published a video that demonstrates the first mixed reality room. The room allows interacting with virtual and augmented reality without using special headsets and a controller.

Mixed Reality Room by THEORIZ

The room, created by French developers, is equipped with projectors that display images of virtual objects to the floor and walls, and a person in the room can interact with them without wearing any headsets. For tracking its movements, there is a positioning system based on HTC Vive beacons. Due to this system, the image is corrected, creating the illusion of three-dimensionality of the observed objects.

This kind of system is designed for only one user. For an outside observer in the room, the image would look distorted. The fact, that the objects in the video look real, suggests that the system was specially tuned for video recording but at the same time tracked the movement of a person in the frame.

In any case, there are more and more innovations connected with VR and AR. Earlier, Microsoft Research demonstrated a communication system capable of creating full-sized holographic images of the talkers. In the future, we’ll definitely see more of these novelties.