Mitsubishi Electric’s Electroplating Machine Receives 2019 R&D 100 Award

Contributes to improved productivity and reduced environmental impact

Electroplating is a process that puts the target item into contact with a plating solution via an electrode, without requiring a plating bath, enabling just the contact surface to be plated while sliding by the electrode.

Features of Award-winning Technology and Equipment

1) Deploys high-speed plating technology for improved productivity

  • Liquid resistance is reduced by greatly shortening the distance between electrodes during plating.
  • Reduced liquid resistance enables use of high current for faster film formation.
  • High-speed film formation shortens process time for continuous one-piece-flow plating without reducing processing volume, realized improved automation with a downsized machine.
  • Compared with conventional batch-processing method for high-volume plating, processing time per unit is reduced to about one-fifth and productivity is greatly reduced to just 45 seconds per piece, compared to 215 seconds using conventional plating processes at certain Mitsubishi Electric factories.

2) Reduces environmental load through high-efficiency, high-quality sliding plating technology

  • Highly efficient sliding plating technology reduces plating solution to one-tenth that of current process and low-loss solution-circulation system greatly reduces amount of wasted solution.
  • Optimizes amount of plating solution by accurately controlling both solution supplied to electrode and spreading speed, and by improving plating film quality.

Source: Business Wire