Mirror Dash Cam With Front and Rear View Specs

If you would like to secure your car, wish to record inside and outside view of your vehicle, then check out the next gadget. YI Mirror Dash Cam with front and rear view would provide perfect visibility of everything that is going on the road. First and foremost, the camera features wide viewing angle from both sides: 138 degree at the front as well as 120 degree rear view. Moreover, 4.3 inch LCD touchscreen will allow you to easily control the dash cam even when you are on the go while a simple and user friendly interface will make it straightforward. The camera start recording simultaneously with your car.

Mirror Dash Cam With Front and Rear View

The built-in WiFi lets you integrate the camera with the smartphone app to save recordings. The night vision feature will ensure that your videos are always clear. Finally, the camera offers you full protection with the collision detection which means that it will automatically switch on the recording if it detects an accident.

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