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Technology is evolving and people are falling more in love with its new advances. Even when it comes to cleaning our homes, there are many different items to assist us. Robot vacuum cleaners are popular on the market and there are many different kinds. MinSu Smart Home Navigation Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is one we have observed for this review, out of the many.

This robot vacuum cleaner is affordable in price, reasonable compared to many others. Size of it is 12.2 x 12.01 x 2.17 inches, with a weight of only 2 kilograms and 500 grams. 78mm slim body of this robot makes it possible for it to go under different beds and other elevated surfaces, to clean every corner.

MinSu MSTC09 Smart Navigation Robotic Vacuum CleanerThis MinSu MSTC09 smart vacuum cleaner has many different functions, not only vacuuming. It has mopping, suction, sweep and wet/dry function. The dust box is 400 ml, to provide with plenty of space without needing to empty it. Water tank is 180 ml, providing with enough water for the entire living space.

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This cleaner has 6 different cleaning modes starting from automatic, S shaped, edge, cleaning around column, spot cleaning, and strengthen suction. When it is set to sweeping, two side brushes rotate to gather all of the dirt and dust. Vacuum setting sucks it all up with the 1800pa suction power. Mopping setting on this cleaner is there to clean up different sports and stains on the floors. With that being said, this vacuum cleaner is compatible with different surfaces beginning from carpet and ending with marble floors.

Anti collision and anti drop features are great for protecting your furniture and vacuum. When it is sweeping, the noise level is less than 10dB, and less than 55dB when it is mopping. 2000mAh Li-ion battery installed is made to last for up to 200 square meters of cleaning. Once the battery is less than 20 percent, this vacuum returns to the charging station. Voice function and flexible schedule are added bonus for setting it to begin at any time within 24 hours, or for easy controlling. A remote control is also included in the package.

MinSu MSTC09 smart vacuum cleaner is extremely reasonably priced. Many different functions and features make it convenient and of great assistance.

MinSu MSTC09 Smart Home Navigation
Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Minsu Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner