Mini USB MP3 MP4 FM Radio 16GB Music Player

It has 16GB of memory capacity already built in, and one negative side of this MP3 player, is that the storage space cannot be expanded more. However, such amount is sure to be enough for most of your favorite songs. In addition to that, there is 20 different stations already saved through the FM radio.
MINI MP3 MP4 Music Player

MINI MP3 MP4 Music Player,
1.8″ true color TFT screen

Screen on this MINI MP4 player is 1.8 inches in size. It is colorful, and will provide you with a clear and vivid image of what you are looking for. The battery life on this MP4 player is also quite enough, being at 180mAh. This makes it rather quick to fully charge, and after that it last for a usage time of about 5 hours.For easy navigation throughout the player, there are several different buttons on the front panel. This is something that many do not like, is that it is not a touch screen, but we think the manual buttons are convenient as well. The package of the player consists of the MP4 Player itself, a USB Charge Cable, a Charge Adapter, and a Packing Box.
This Mini USB MP3 MP4 FM Radio 16GB Music Player player is a great item for those who need something to just listen to music on. It is small, compact, durable and provides with plenty of storage and color. Bring your attention to this affordable gadget if you are searching for something similar.