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Mini HD Video Recorder Smallest Digital Camera

The times, when cameras were big, are long gone now. Today, small digital cameras aren’t surprising anyone. Almost all of them can take a good picture and record an HD video. Action cameras, like GoPro, really stand out of the whole line-up. However, GoPro cameras are expensive. That’s why, if you need an affordable compact camera, this Mini HD Camera Smallest Digital Camera review is for you.

This Mini HD camera is actually the smallest one in the world. This camera can easily fit in the user’s pocket or you can hang it on a keychain. Despite the size, the camera can impress you with its capabilities. Operation is elementary – there’s only one button for all functions.

Mini HD Smallest Digital Camera review

Constant pressing turns the camera on, one instant press takes a picture and a 3-second press activates video. In fact, the camera takes pictures in high resolution – 1280×720 or 1280×1024. As for video, the numbers are 720×480. It shows that size isn’t an obstacle for this camera – it can still perform on an HD level.

This compact camera also has a place for a TF card where all photos and videos are stored. A simple mini-USB cable will allow you to transfer all files on to a computer. In addition, the camera has a lithium-ion battery that lasts for 1.5 hours – just enough to snap a quick photo and shoot a video. Overall, this smallest mini Full HD camera is an ideal companion for the outdoors. If you can’t wait for good weather to go on the next hike and you’re looking for a reasonably-priced device to capture the best moments, this camera will do this job quite well.

Mini HD Camera Compact Digital Camera reviews