Best Selling Car Sound Gadget Mini Hands-Free Music receiver

BlitzWolf BW-BR1 Hands-Free music receiver is one of that tiny details that tend to make driving a bit more pleasurable. It is a small and simple device great to use in the car, that offers you quite a big list of functions. This music receiver features a special Bluetooth chip which in the end provides you with a high-quality sound, compatible with all the Bluetooth devices, such as smartphone, tablet, computer, psp or any audio device that supports Bluetooth wireless connection, and connects in the area of 30 feet.

Mini Hands-Free Music receiver

As this device is based on Bluetooth 4.1, it can connect with two mobile gadgets at once. You can also use it with the theater speakers inside your home to watch a movie or even connect it to headphones, so they can be used as Bluetooth headphones. It is equipped with 170mAh battery which lasts up to 8 hours long, while the charging time takes only 1.5 hours (plus any time require to find your micro USB wire). After all, your car may be a fantastic place to enjoy your favorite music while you are driving or in your long journey.

Car Sound Gadget Mini Music receiver

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