Mini Gadget imHere Bluetooth Anti-lost Alarm Tracker

People can be very forgetful and clumsy when it comes to certain things. Many of us had difficulties finding something at home, like a smartphone or keys. To avoid this problem, there are helpful gadgets. There is a great example – Mini Gadget imHere Bluetooth Anti-lost Alarm Tracker. Here’s the review.

The main purpose of this gadget is obvious – it uses wireless networks, so that its owner could track it whenever necessary. Usually, the tracker comes in handy when you lose something. Therefore, you can attach the tracker to any of your valuable items, like luggage, bag, backpack and so on. Also, you can give the gadget to your kids to keep an eye on them. The same goes for your pets. Once the object has a tracker, all their movements are displayed in the smartphone app available for iOS and Android devices.

In addition, imHere has a very pretty look. The triangle design, high-quality alloy frame and tempered glass create a perfect accessory for everybody. Obviously, it comes with its own key ring, so that you could carry it at all times.

 Alarm Anti-lost Tracker

Mini Gadget imHere Bluetooth
Anti-lost Alarm Tracker

At the same time, imHere has other helpful functions. The tracker connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can operate some features on your phone remotely. With a high-sensitivity button, you can take selfies from a distance. Apart from that, the tracker can serve as a call reminder – it vibrates every time someone is calling you. The tracker can also be controlled with a smartphone app.

All in all, if you suffer from occasional carelessness, a imHere tracker might be an effective solution to stop this problem. Besides, a few additional functions will make this gadget even more useful.