Mini Digital Night Vision Adjustable Infrared Telescope

There are many unusual telescopes on the market that allow us to view diverse objects outdoors, close up. Telescopes are used often for hunting, bird watching, camping, various sporting events and much more. In this review, we will observe different specs and features of the Eyebre Mini Digital Night Vision Adjustable Infrared Telescope.

This telescope is neat in size, being just 20.00 x 8.60 x 5.60 cm with a weight of 375 grams. Such dimensions make it awfully easy to bring along, place in any bag or pocket. Eyebre telescope has several main functions such as day and night vision, recording, taking photos of what you are viewing, and replaying it all. The 40mm lens with BAK-4 prisms and 7.6 degree viewing angle is made to provide with a clear vision of up to 200 meters. Built in adjustable infrared illuminator is made to provide with a great picture even in the darker parts of the day.Eyebre Prism Infrared Digital Telescope

Mini Digital Night Vision Telescope
Adjustable Infrared Telescope,
USB 2.0 interface + 200m view distance

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When recording videos, one receives the content in 640 X 480-pixel resolution, and photos are in 1280 X 960-pixel resolution. This makes the images clear, sharp and easy to view all details. A USB 2,0 port and video output port are provided for quick connection to a computer for viewing.

750mAh lithium-ion battery is installed, that is made to deliver with about 1 hour of usage time with the auxiliary light, and 2.5 hours when it is not opened. Setting up and using this Eyebre telescope is exceptionally easy and all of the instructions are provided for you in the manual. A portable bag is even offered, for storing and carrying the telescope in. Comfortable handle strap, makes it easy to hold and it will not slip out this way.

Eyebre 5 X 40 BAK-4 telescope is one that is multifunctional, which is one of the main reasons why it is so useful. It provides with many different features, for viewing just about anything that you want outdoors. Using it for many different events is possible, especially with its durability, compact size and high quality.