Microsoft Xbox One X Fastest And Powerful Gaming Console

On June 11, at the annual E3 gaming conference, Microsoft officially unveiled the Xbox One X gaming console, previously known by the code name Project Scorpio.

The console is based on a new highly integrated 16nm system-on-a-chip which should make it not only much more powerful than previous versions of Xbox, but also the fastest-running gaming system on the market. The company claims that the graphics performance of the new console reaches 6 TFlops which is even more than Sony PlayStation 4 Pro with its 4.2 TFlops. Such a high-speed GPU should allow the Xbox One X to deliver 60 frames per second in 4K resolution.

Microsoft Xbox One X Gaming Console

It’s also reported that the console has received 12GB of high-speed GDDR5 SDRAM memory. Besides, its dimensions (300 x 240 x 60 mm) make the console the smallest in the Xbox line. The new console has backward compatibility: previously released games will be fully compatible with the Xbox One X but will receive some improvements from the more powerful software. New games will be optimized for the console and will receive 4K support.