Microsoft New Smart Technology to Download Games Very Fast

When talking about the biggest tech brands these days, we can’t forget about Microsoft. The company maintains its high reputation with innovative technologies in different areas. For instance, Microsoft representatives announced that the company is currently working on a revolutionary method of new Smart Technology to download games very fast

The function called Intelligent Delivery implies a smart system of downloading and installing games which saves a lot of space on the hard drive. Intelligent Delivery is based on division – all Xbox apps are divided into segments marked with certain tags. That way, users can install games in parts, not all at once.

Plus, users can choose which parts of the game they don’t need installed. In order to do that, you just have to tick off unnecessary elements during the installation. What’s more, Intelligent Delivery will actually be able to delete the parts of game that aren’t used. Gamers can also get rid of unnecessary multiplayer elements and levels of the game that they already passed. All these features have one main purpose – making your hard drive more spacious and optimizing the work of the computer (or laptop).

Right now, the system is still being improved and tested to reach the optimal performance. In short, Intelligent Delivery seems to be a well-thought technology that can theoretically solve the problem of having too little hard drive space.