Microsoft AR Headset With Advanced Breathing Construction

Microsoft unveiled the second edition of its popular augmented reality headset – HoloLens 2. Of course, upgraded headset got some improvements including a new, more powerful processor, a different ergonomic design and a broader field of vision. Here’s a quick recap of all new features.

First and foremost, the biggest upgrade concerned software – HoloLens 2 was fitted with a mobile processor Snapdragon 850 which is a drastic improvement in terms of functionality and responsiveness. Another big advantage is field of vision – it became 2 times wider, at the same time maintaining its holographic density at 47 pixels for a single degree of vision.

Apart from that, HoloLens 2 has a better, more comfortable design. It has a special breathing construction, it’s worn differently and can be adjusted to a user, and lastly it even has some elements made of carbon fibre.

Microsoft HoloLens 2 isn’t likely to be a hit among regular people because it’s aimed mostly towards corporate clients of Microsoft. The device will be available for the company’s partners later this year for $3500.