Microsoft Announced Harman Kardon’s Cortana-Integrated Smart Speaker

Smart speakers seem to be quite an attraction for big companies. Amazon and Google already have their devices, Apple works on its own and just yesterday, Microsoft presented its product called Invoke. This smart speaker was made in cooperation with the famous audio electronics company Harman/Kardon, so it definitely has great sound.

Other than that, Invoke is quite similar to Amazon Echo in terms of design but it has its own features. A rotating wheel on its top will be used for turning the speaker on and off. As for the specs, there’s not much known about the speaker but one thing is totally certain – it will be integrated with Cortana. Just like other similar devices, it can be used for looking up information on the internet, playing music, talking on Skype, and so on. Apart from that, Invoke can produce sound at 360 degrees, which means that the user can be anywhere to listen to it.

Invoke goes out on sale this fall but the exact date and the price are yet to be revealed.