Microsoft AI Can Analyse Human Speech, Interpret Expressions

The development of artificial intelligence AI technologies seems to be an interesting, even mysterious area for many brands. Major companies spend loads of money on this promising segment. For example, Apple acquired a few startups in 2016, engaged in AI. Google, for their part, unveiled the Tango technology which is based on the ability of machines to understand human speech.

Similar project has recently been done by Microsoft. The company released a product, called Concept Graph. Manufacturers have spent a long time developing this device and results are quite impressive. It’s based on the database Probase. The system algorithms don’t just perceive human speech – they can analyse and interpret expressions. Functioning a bit like human psychology, the system can actually understand what a human means by saying various sentences. Some words can be contextually different and this system can see that difference.

Concept Graph implements the similar principle. Microsoft is trying to realize the same idea of interaction between humans and machines. The latest version of this programme is able to identify the probable meaning of used words and determine logical connections between them in a context. Moreover, manufacturers plan to expand the programme’s possibilities. So far, though, Concept Graph is likely to be used for other purposes, like vocal launch of web search engines.