Microfiber Mopping Handheld Steam Mop Floor Cleaner

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Handheld Steam Mop Floor Cleaner
This steam mop floor cleaner has a microfiber mop included in the package. The microfiber steam mop is great for different floor surfaces especially tile, wood, vinyl and laminate. It can also be used to freshen up and sanitize different areas of your home such as carpets, bathroom, windows, grout, kitchen, ovens, and much more.
With this mop, you will kill all of the different bacteria and germs, fleas, parasites, ticks and any other harmful spills, particles and so on. Carpet glide can be used to help remove different stains, as well as tidy up in general.
Water tank on this mop is 450 ml, which is not too large, but not too small. It order for it to preheat, it takes about 15 seconds, which is very quick. When using it, one will need to refill the water tank about every 15 to 16 minutes, depending on what the flow is during that time.
Floor Kitchen Carpet Mop Cleaning Machine
One part about this steam mop, that is not convenient for everyone, is that it is wired. However, that is something that one can get used to. In the package, there are several different parts such as a stick handle fixed pole, single direction mop head, two cleaning pads, funnel, and a bag of installation accessories.
This steam mop floor cleaner is a great item for its price. It is reasonable and affordable, with great specifications to provide with a clean and sanitary home.

Handheld Steam Mop Floor Cleaner,
Microfiber Mopping

Floor Kitchen Carpet Handheld Mop Cleaning Machine