MemSQL Strengthens Relationship With Amazon Web Services With v7.0 General Availability on Helios

New SingleStore, system of record, and time series database capabilities now generally available with MemSQL Helios on AWS

SAN FRANCISCO (BUSINESS WIRE) MemSQL, the No-Limits DatabaseTM for operational analytics and cloud-native applications, today announced the general availability of MemSQL 7.0 on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Helios, MemSQL’s on-demand, elastic cloud database-as-a-service, is now available with upgrades incorporating two significant database advances: “SingleStore,” a breakthrough new way of managing data, and “system of record” features that make MemSQL a trusted platform for Tier 1, mission-critical workloads.

MemSQL 7.0 is the most powerful version yet of the company’s all-in-one database for operational analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI)- and machine learning (ML)-powered applications. It helps enterprises easily ingest, process, analyze and act on data in near real time – including time series and geospatial data – to better compete and thrive in today’s insight-driven economy.

The addition of SingleStore functionality differentiates MemSQL from other data management solutions because of its innovative and unique data architecture that seeks to eliminate data duplication, reduce complexity and cut total cost of ownership. SingleStore offers faster possible performance, at lower possible cost, for every kind of workload – transactional, analytical, and hybrid – by storing all data in a single table type.

MemSQL 7.0 also introduces two key durability features which combine to enable Tier 1, system of record workloads: much faster sync replication, turned on by default; and incremental backup. Being able to regularly back up recently changed data and replicate a synchronized copy of the data means that MemSQL can now be fully trusted for even the most critical data workloads.

MemSQL and AWS work with a large number of customers ranging from enterprises to SMBs and nonprofits, and this strengthened relationship is a true “win-win” situation. It allows these organizations to seamlessly maintain their AWS presence while running a cloud database for operational analytics, ML, and AI.

“MemSQL is delivering a real impact for our organization by making real-time decisions and predictive analytics easier,” said Julie Cordua, CEO of Thorn, a non-profit organization focused on building technology to combat child sexual abuse. “And, because it easily scales to support our machine learning and AI needs, MemSQL helps us continually build better tools to find victims of trafficking and sexual abuse, faster. It is a true case of technology being applied in a way that will make a real difference in people’s lives.”

“Our relationship with AWS is of critical importance to our company and our customers. Having MemSQL 7.0 available on AWS gives our customers – which include global enterprises that are leaders in their industries – easy access to a fast, scalable data platform for operational analytics, ML, and AI,” said MemSQL Co-CEO and Co-Founder Nikita Shamgunov. “Upgrading MemSQL Helios with the 7.0’s new SingleStore and system of record functionality continues our relentless focus on eliminating the speed and scale limits that organizations have long struggled with in their operational workloads.”

Because of its relationship with AWS, MemSQL Helios offers full global coverage across AWS Regions, including North America, Europe and Asia. As new zones are added, MemSQL customers are quickly spinning up new instances to keep up with their voluminous data flows across the globe.

MemSQL 7.0 is now running on Helios and available on AWS. Click here to try it for free.

Source: Business Wire