Best Selling Simple Pocket Outdoor Mobile Phone Under $25

Mobile phones are at present essential that all we would love to have. Cheapest mobile phones can be gotten through any regular or online cell phone shop. But have you been looking for a multifunctional and unusual gadget? Well, you found it because Melrose S2 pocket mobile phone is exactly this: unique and full of features. This affordable gadget is fully protected from any kind of damage or scratches with its hard case. Additionally, it features a very weak but definitely rare camera. It is 0.015MP, so your photos will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Pocket Outdoor Mobile Phone

The ROM is not so big but it is enough to store 500 messages and 50 contacts. If you want, there is a TF card slot to expand the memory. Additionally, 52MB RAM can allow you to perform basic functions easily. Indeed, the mobile phone does not have very catchy and modern functionalities but it is truly unique and will do its job perfectly. After all, the phone is there to call and connect us instead of us being plugged in in social networks. We seem to forget that.

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