Meizu Lightweight Sports Bluetooth Neckband Earphones

If you’re interested in the earphones, just take a look at Meizu EP52 Lite. To charge the earphone you require a micro USB cable which includes the box. Although these headphones aren’t the ideal ones however they continue to be the very best value for money Bluetooth headphones. These earpieces have a greater battery capacity with which you’ll be able to go continuous listening to your favourite music with no hassle and interruption.

Meizu EP52 Lite headphones

To begin with, headset is quite a bit more comfortable to wear. You may use the micro USB port on the controller to charge the built-in battery. The gadget is quite light. This Bluetooth system permits you to use up to ten meters away from your mobile device. The gadget has a charge indicator. Also, it’s provided with volume buttons that are handy in customizing your calling and music experience depending on the surrounding.

Meizu EP52 Neckband Earphones

The bass is pleasant and well achieved providing the correct quantity of bass at the suitable moment and won’t ever escape from control or become boomy nor muffle the entire sound. Therefore, if you prefer soft bass, then this unit is fantastic alternative. The sound is balanced, though you won’t secure booming bass from such smaller drivers.

Meizu EP52 Lite

By doing this, you can hear each and every sound transmitted, in addition to enjoy the music during your exercises. The magnetic design make it simple to put away and carry when you aren’t using them. Also this design provides other benefits. It was necessary something with a stunning design, great sound and an adequate work time.

Meizu EP52 Neckband Bluetooth Sports Earphones

Most likely, Meizu EP52 is going to be my major sports headset. Meizu EP52 Neckband Earphones provides rich audio experience. Meizu claims six hours of music time, and though the battery life depends on volume, it managed to receive 6 hours easily on a standard basis. The wire goes round the neck. In general, the Meizu EP52 is well-designed and fashionable, and can readily compete with many of the pricier earbuds on the market. Conclusion The Meizu EP52 Lite Sports Headphone is an excellent choice with superior audio performance inside this budget. The headset is presently available in Gearbest, you can secure some cool discount.

Meizu EP52 Bluetooth Earphones


    • Flexible, unbreakable and anti-aging TPE material
    • Magnetic design, easy to carry
    • IPX5 water resistance
    • 10m Lossless Bluetooth transmission
    • Fully charged in 1.5h
    • support for calling for 6h
    • listening to music for 8h
  • standby for 200h

Neckband Bluetooth Earphones discount

MEIZU EP52 Lite Magnetic Bluetooth Sports Headphone

Meizu EP52 Neckband Bluetooth Earphones