People nowadays watch TV very often. Therefore, a lot of TV appliances emerged to target needs of customers. One of such things is MECOOL KI PRO Hybrid DVB Smart TV Box with S2 Satellite Receiver. This item will be able to easily turn your TV into a smart one. In this review we will tell more about the product and you will understand why.

The smart TV box is equipped with powerful CPU to ensure smooth performance. Fast and smart MECOOL KI PRO, beautifully designed, combines durable Cortex-A53 CPU with Amlogic S905D chip. Thus, it makes the TV box very fast in processing information as well as outputting necessary signals. The smart TV media player works on Android 7.1 version, therefore, there is a possibility to connect it to your smartphone. Additionally, OS ensures rapid and stable configuration. 2G DDR4 RAM ensures amazing performance even with the most difficult tasks while 16G ROM will be able to store essential information. However, you can extend memory capacity up to 32GB in case you need more space. With 5.1 Surround Sound Output you will be treated to amazing audio experience. The deep sound will capture your ears.


Smart TV box supports 4K and True HD video, giving you amazing image quality and providing with ultimate user experience. Additionally, dual-band WiFi gives you more smooth speed experience. Finally, due to Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, the smart box can connect to most Bluetooth-enabled devices. This is very convenient. The function opens up a lot of possibilities for you. Also, the smart box comes with an adapter, so it is really plug-and-play type of product. Multi-language interface ensures it is easy to use.

This smart TV box, powered by amazing CPU, high-quality video output, and great operating system, will be able to bring you amazing video quality as well process the information smoothly and quickly. Finally, it will also be able to connect to Bluetooth devices and provide you with comfort.

MECOOL KI PRO Hybrid DVB Smart TV Box,
2GB RAM + 16GB ROM, 5GHz WiFi connection

MECOOL KI PRO Hybrid DVB TV Box Android