Matter and Form Folding 0.25 mm accuracy 3D Scanner

Sometimes the question arises as to how quickly to get this or that 3D model on the computer from the world around us. To solve this issue, there are 3D scanners that allow such a task to be performed. In this review, we are going to look at the Matter and Form Folding 0.25 mm accuracy 3D Scanner with CMOS scanning element.

This scanner has a very ergonomic and practical design, that allows you to take the device with you. The product dimensions are 34.50 x 10.80 x 21.00 cm and weighing only 1.7100 kg. The kit itself includes 1 x Matter and Form Folding 3D Scanner, 3 x Plug Adapter, 1 x Power Cable, 1 x Calibrator, 1 x Scan Sample, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x English User’s Manual.

Form Folding 3D Scanner

Inside the case there are two working surfaces. On one of the surfaces is a panel with a 3D scanner, on the other surface a site for placing objects that need to be scanned. Matter and Form Folding 3D Scanner has High Resolution with CMOS Sensor. The accuracy of the work is 0.25 mm. The device is connected via an USB 2.0. The CMOS element in this scanner is used for capturing the items.

Matter and Form Folding 3D Scanner

There is support for computer operating systems such as MAC OS X and Windows 7 64 bit. Scanning is tracked through the computer in real time is made easy and simple with one click. The device performs a 7-inch scan of the object in color. Thanks to its powerful functionality, the scanner captures up to 200 points per second and shows fine and clear details of the surface.

Matter and Form Folding 3D Scanner is compatible with STL, OBG and PLY formats. This product is perfect for differs artists, those who enjoy designing, in the industrial sphere, medicine, in entertainment and game development. The product is CE certified, FCC.

Matter and Form Folding 3D scanner is one that is in the medium price range. It is made out of high quality material, to provide with great models of all wanted items. It is of a white color with black accents, making it look trendy as well.

Matter and Form Folding CMOS Scanning
0.25 mm accuracy 3D Scanner

Matter 3D Scanner