Marshall Best Selling Premium Bluetooth Speaker With Handle

Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a premium product for those who really want to experience superior audio quality and enjoy the music experience. The Bluetooth Speaker offers up to 20 hours of portable capabilities. The maximum sound pressure at 1m is 100 dB to provide you with better audio. The speaker also supports wired connectivity due to the double-ended coil cord included. You will also be able to control the speaker through a Bluetooth enabled smartphone for more comfort. Marshall bluetooth speaker is also popular for its high channel frequency response of 62 – 20000 Hz. Featured by a classical Marshall design, with gold-colored metal parts and vintage front fret, it will make your room look even better. Unleash high-end audio experience!

This speaker has quite a cool vintage style, and offers a very good centre piece to any coffee table. He comes with a power cord that you have to connect to a wall plug for it to charge it does not come with a USB cable like most portable speakers. The speaker produces full-bodied bass with natural highs and comprehensive mids for the greatest listening experience, no matter your kind of music. He is really pretty self-explanatory. Actually, this speaker can become quite loud. He is truly versatile, in that it can be used both plugged into the mains, or battery operated.

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