MARK RYDEN Laptop Casual Backpack with USB Port

Backpacks have recently come back into trend, and have become more popular than any other bag. People use them not only for school, but for work and free time as well. There are many different kinds, of all colors and sizes, with different features. MARK RYDEN Laptop Backpack with USB Port is nice bag, and we have observed it for this review, out of the many different backpacks on the wide market.

Laptop Backpack with USB Port

This backpack is of a gray color, and is made out of durable oxford fabric, that is actually water resistant and scratch resistant, with polyester lining. It has a decent size, but it is on the larger side for sure, being 30 X 16 X 42 cm in size with a 20.16 liter capacity. For comfort, is has adjustable shoulder straps from 45 to 95 cm, depending on the height and how the backpack sits on your shoulders. The backpack also has many different pockets for full organization of all of your items.

Mark Rydon Backpack

The large main compartment is great for main items such as books, clothes, and so on. As well as that, it has a separate flap for fitting your laptop computer into. This flap will keep it secure, and protected. This main compartment is closed tightly by drawstrings, and then with an additional top flap. There are also smaller side pockets for storing items such as mobile phone, pens, wallet, notepad and so on. On the front, there is another pocket is closed with a zipper, and is ideal for flat and small items. One of the most convenient and unique features of this Mark Ryden backpack, is the USB port on the side. This USB port is perfect for those constantly on the go, since it provides with the opportunity to charge your mobile device just about anywhere.

Mark Ryden is known for their high quality items such as backpack, that can be used for casual everyday use. They are fashionable, trendy, and high quality. Protective material and large pockets are sure to keep all of your items secure. Charging port, is one of the greatest items, and is already a reason to take a look at this item!


Mark Rydon Laptop Backpack with USB Port
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