Unique Universal Magnetic Charging Cable

Wireless charging seems like an incredibly helpful option for mobile devices. Unfortunately, not every smartphone or tablet supports wireless charging, so users have to use cables. However, many customers complain about unreliability of many charging accessories. But don’t lose hope – the market still offers a lot of really impressive cables and one of them is a recently introduced accessory called VOLTA.

This is a magnetic charging cable. It consists of two parts: the first is the cable itself with a USB-plug on one end and a magnetic one on the other; the second part is a selection of various magnetic connectors for multiple devices. The latter is inserted into a smartphone or tablet. After that, users have to put the cable closely to the connector and they will attract one another instantly due to magnetic force.

Make Mobile Device Charging Easier

Another advantage of VOLTA is its extreme durability – the cable is covered with 3 layers of PVS. Besides, all connectors are plated with 18-carat gold which ensures fast and steady current supply. By the way, the connectors provide great versatility – the cable works with both iOS (Lightning), Android (microUSB) or USB Type-C mobile devices.