How to Connects Mac Magic Trackpad with Apple Keyboard

If you’re a lucky owner of iMac, you probably also bought the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. Together, these peripherals are a perfect combination for any user. But what if want the ultimate peripheral? What if you came from work and you want to just lie on your couch and still be able control your iMac or Apple TV? Just for these purposes, there is a suitable accessory – Twelve South MagicWand.

MagicWand Connects Magic Trackpad with Apple Keyboard

This thin, tube-shaped product creates the perfect set-up for any iMac owner – it takes the Wireless Keyboard and the trackpad and binds them together into one, multifunctional peripheral device. Creating it with MagicWand is very simple and requires little time. After that, you’ll be able enjoy everything without any inconveniences. Besides, it is super light (45g) because it is made of polycarbonate. This means that it won’t scratch your keyboard or trackpad when you install it.

As a result, you get a 2-in-1 peripheral for multiple purposes. Most importantly, this is a fantastic addition to your work desk. If you’re into organizing and tidying up your working place, there’s no better choice than MagicWand. It doesn’t take much room and you have everything you need within your reach. Whether you’re editing photos in Photoshop or you working on a multimedia presentation, MagicWand makes everything a piece of cake.

Moreover, MagicWand can serve you well at home. Just like at work, it will accompany your iMac and assist you at the table. Besides, if you control your Apple TV from the sofa, there’s no need to hold two things in your hands – it’s much more comfortable with one. It can be used on any surface, even on your lap.

Of course, MagicWand by Twelve South is quite a specific accessory because it works only with particular devices. Luckily, iMacs and other Apple devices are quite popular and productive. So, must iMac users would appreciate such a practical accessory. Keep everything at your desk in one place with MagicWand.