MacBooks Expect Changes in Price

The release of new MacBook Pro was a huge and important event and the world has been discussing it vibrantly. Everybody is mesmerized with the Touch Bar and other modifications but new changes, not only technical, are already expected in 2017. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a specialist from KGI Securities, Apple is going to seriously cut the prices on new MacBooks as well as their previous models. Kuo explains his prediction by telling that Apple always gives their new, updated products higher prices, compared to preceding models.

After the release, prices usually drop, so Kuo claims that there will be a price reduction on recently launched MacBooks in 2017. If true, this news is very satisfactory to Apple fans around the world because high prices were the main problem of new MacBook laptops. Kuo also believes that upcoming MacBooks will get certain software modifications, more exactly, 32 GB RAM. But he isn’t so sure about because such upgrade requires more powerful processors, and Intel Cannonlake aren’t still mass produced. So, we advise our readers not to be hasty about buying new MacBooks and be cautious and forward-looking, 2017 may bring us good news.