Wrap your MacBook with Premium Leather Skin

Cozistyle Announce New Product, Cozistyle Leather Skin for MacBook. Cozistyle MacBook Leather Skin advantages: – Wraps your MacBook laptop in premium leather. The skin, made of genuine leather, is slim, natural and luxury.

  • Premium leather protection. Leather Skin offers complete protection for the front, back and wrist areas while keeping your MacBook clean and preventing scratches.
  • MacBook Skin is crafted with an innovative adhesive backing. It always ensures a streamlined fit. Its adhesive backing is easily applied, or removed and leaves no trace of residue.
  • Keep your MacBook cool. Cooling holes and feet add built-in ventilation which keeps your MacBook cool.
  • Full access to connectors and buttons. Leather Skin’s design allows you full access to MacBook connectors and buttons.

best Leather Skin for MacBook

Leather Skin features a soft, warm feel for your wrists, providing you with the best possible user experience. Cozistyle Leather Skin The unique design with various vibrant colors gives it a modest, luxurious look and lets you create your own style, while protecting your MacBook. Cozistyle Leather Skin is available for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in 5 different colors.